D.C. Plans to Give You Cash For Living Close To Metro and Bus Lines

Ideally, everyone would love to live closer to their work. This would help eliminate rush hours and give us all more time to sleep in. In D.C.’s case, many people that work there must commute in from Maryland, Virginia and surrounding areas.

The city’s Office of Planning has recently decided to invest $200,000 on a program which matches employer grants to help put down payments on homes closer to metro stations and bus lines. These grants range up to $6,000 per person. Not only will a home buyers be able to easily access transportation methods to and from work, but they will also receive incentives. Being able to use the metro stations and bus lines means a reduce in rush hours, time of commute, pollution and  wear and tear on cars.
d.c. cash back grants
The Office of Planning will choose three companies in the D.C. area which will offer their employers the incentives if they are willing to move within 2 miles of their work place, within half a mile of a D.C. metro station or within a quarter mile of a bus line.

Hopefully, this starter program will eventually spread out to more companies if the Office of Planning witnesses success. For potential home buyers, this is great news. For those seeking apartments and lofts within the downtown area, even better news. Not only will the incentive help with a large portion of the employee’s rent, but also completely reduce wear and tear on the car since work could possibly be walking distance.

D.C.’s plan to reduce traffic congestion, minimize rush hour and go greener is not only an exceptional plan, but also a great opportunity for willing employees and new home buyers to cash in on the bonus.

Original Article: http://www.nbcwashington.com/the-scene/real-estate/D_C__Wants_to_Pay_You_to_Live_Near_Your_Work-121242684.html



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