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Now-a-days, customers look for the Energy Star label on appliances when shopping around. Not only do they want to help the environment, but they also want to see that decrease on their bill every month.

Unfortunately, Energy Star, who is joint with the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, has been recently accused of awarding too many appliances with the label, lowering its significance.

The EPA claims that the goal is to maximize the number of appliances that are energy efficient. Companies are pushed to engineer their appliances to be more energy efficient. By awarding more and more Energy Star labels, buyers can decide which products to purchase, forcing other companies to upgrade to energy efficient appliances in order to increase sales.

To avoid this criticism, EPA and the Department of Energy have implemented a new "most efficient" label to distinguish the best of the numerous energy efficient products including washers, heating and cooling systems, televisions, freezers and refrigerators. This new label will be awarded to the top 5% of the energy efficient products.

However, high-efficiency ranges from region to region. For example, in the case of heating and cooling units. A product may be high efficiency in one area, but may not be in another.

Products that have been deemed "most efficient" can be found at Major brand names include Sears’ Kenmore, LG, Samsung and Panasonic.

Simply receiving an Energy Star label has become too easy and the bar had to be raised. The Energy Star Most Efficient program have made companies more competitive amongst one another. As a result, manufacturers have been looking into new, innovative designs for their existing appliances. With companies being so competitive and struggling to be the most efficient, Energy Star has succeeded in toughening standards.

The Department of energy recently announced that the final energy efficiency standards for freezers and refrigerators is to increase their efficiencies by 25% by 2014.

Another improvement associated with the program is that previously, companies could certify the efficiency of their own products. However, now they are all certified by EPA in their testing laboratories.  

Energy Star’s programs are a great way to not help the market become more competitive, helping the customer save money in the long-term, but also helps the environment and the Earth as a whole.

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