D.C. Neighborhoods

All major metropolitan areas throughout the world have attractions that draw diverse and talented people to live, work and play. The District of Columbia is a shining example that urban living is exciting and rewarding. Consider four prominent neighborhoods that offer homeowners and renters much more than merely a place to reside.

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Capitol Hill (including Lincoln Park, Stanton Park and Rosedale) is a wonderful example. As recently as the 1980s, many of the striking Capitol Hill town homes were abandoned, with boarded up windows. At first, younger singles and couples began buying and renovating these classic structures. Yuppies of all varieties were the first "pioneers" to fuel this remarkable renaissance. Capitol Hill now ranks highly in kid friendliness, housing quality, restaurants, nightlife, culture and availability of shopping destinations.


Always elegant, Georgetown, remains one of the most desired zip codes (20007) in the U.S. While ranking fairly high in kid friendliness and dining options, Georgetown still ranks equally strong in housing values. However, if you have the cash flow to afford to purchase Georgetown real estate, you will be thrilled with your neighborhood and the ability of your home to maintain and/or increase its value, even in down economies.


If you have not yet had your 2.5 children, Logan Circle, Mount Vernon Square, Shaw, Penn Quarter, and Chinatown remain excellent neighborhood options. Residents of these neighborhoods, unlike Georgetown homeowners, are seldom concerned about historical significance and tend to focus on the now and the future. Although premium housing remains significant, you should be most pleased with living in these neighborhoods. Often called the "Land of the Loft," you should never go hungry or starve for shopping destinations. Nor will you feel deprived of wonderful nightlife and culture, as these neighborhoods are alive with both.


Should D.C. housing affordability top your wishlist, consider the Anacostia, Fairlawn, Barry Farm, and Buena Vista neighborhoods. Since most D.C. yuppies seek other areas, real estate costs remain reasonable for rentals and even larger single family homes. For modest investments, you can still own a home with excellent city views, parks and a noticeable absence of the fast-paced bustle of a major city.


Should you live and work in the District, along with fine dining, shopping and culture options, you will enjoy the ease of commuting–the Metro is highly efficient–and the lack of daily "traffic-induced stress." The proximity of the outstanding museums, sporting events and bike/walking trails only enhances the D.C. living experience. When seeking new lodging, consider these neighborhoods and all they offer.


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